Myron Vance

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Wealthy scion of the Vance Family, Myron seems to be the typical arrogant rich kid. The Vance family has a long and storied history however and Myron may hold goals as mysterious as his forefathers.

Recently, Myron made a deal with Copperpot , but the specifics of the deal are vague. Given the recent troubles of Carolina and MJ he has developed at least some vestige of supernatural power.

Currently frequents the Pizza Dungeon and is engaged in a feud with newcomer Toby Mcmillain to such a point that he even seems to be putting aside old rivalries.

Recently Myron performed a ritual for Miranda Lee . The Ritual in theory protects her from the Faceless Gentlemen that have been stalking her. All he took in return was a bit of her blood.

Myron Vance

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