Machine and Mirror


The Lord of Leaves was destroyed. Undone due to the effects of the God Machine on Andrew Wiggins. In the conflict of October 31, 1999, most of the major players in the supernatural landscape of Shorepoint were killed. The Circle of Six, a Cabal of Mages with an unknown agenda was dissolved when 5 of their member were killed by the Liberating Hand and their Chantry was taken by Myron Vance.

Andrew Wiggins was approached by the Cheiron Group with a proposition. They were grooming him to become a sort of processor they could use to take control of the God-Machine. He could work with them, or their would be severe consequences for his friends and family. Wiggins assented and was whisked away, his current whereabouts are unknown.

With the help of her allies, Carolina Caraballo banished her demonic sire, El Santo de los Demonicos back to hell. With the Hispanic population of Shorepoint saved and the major supernatural threats to the city nullified, she finished high school and sought to follow her dream of becoming a news reporter.

Sarrah Harrington hung around Shorepoint for a time. She had recovered her fortune and could make actual strides in the development of Harrington Industries. The Leviathan threat in Shorepoint had dried up however and she eventually drifted off in search of Captain Plutonium, Adventure, and more Leviathans to battle.

With the inheritance of his father’s assets and the majority of supernatural rivals negated, Myron Vance began to build his empire. With funding and clandestine guidance he was able to control the occasional supernatural group, organizing the cities disparate unnatural beings and bringing a sense of order to the dangerous underbelly of Shorepoint.

Jebediah Scoleri and Brittany Snow were hit hardest by Andre Wiggins’ disappearance. Keeping the Liberating Hand name, the two packed up their resources and left Shorepoint, aiming to further investigate the Cheiron Group and eventually recover their friend.

The Order of the Solar Eye survived the ordeals in Shorepoint and the Amenti, Marahotep continued to slumber until his cult or the Judges had need of him.

Lets update this bastard
Sarah's Journal

Okay, it’s been a while I’ve been kind of busy to update this, and now I’ve been trying to sort out the memories that have reawakened in my head. I can rest easier now that i know it was not by my own hands my family perished. The hybrids on the island where responsible. The killing of the Leviathan that was taking people and using them was accidental for the most part it seems, however it was still by my hands that the explosives where detonated so that still puts 3 total leviathan kills to me. Well 2 to me and 1 to me and my friends but lets not say that to often they may think they are my equals in all of this. Sure they are potent allies in their own right but i don’t think they understand what is at stake with the leviathan threat. I’m hoping i can get Harrington Industries off the ground. With Jeb’s help maybe we can make some viable tech, either for civilian or military use. I could really hope for some sort of military contract. This would help with certain activities. Once i get a contract I’ll have to buy an actual factory and outfit it for assembling the devices, weapons and things we come up with. Jeb’s smarter than he acts and he could really pull some tech out of his ass if he tries and I’m hoping he does, he will profit from this as well as me. Either way, we cleared the Docks issue and now we have to deal with a cabal of witches I’ll help the others as long as they continue to help me with the leviathan threats. I wonder if multiple leviathan’s in one area within a short span of time is unusual…. i must ask Markus this question.

Till The Next Entry this is Intrepid Explorer Sarah Harrington

The Mirror Shatters

Rain and fire mingled across the city of Seattle as two figures, battered and bloody glared at each other atop the roof of a hi rise .

“Look around you, you old fool! Everything is ruined!” a thin man shouted. His hair though styled in a wild unruly fashion was incredibly clean and well shaped despite the fact that he was naked, bloody and wielding an impractically long sword, “The people you claimed to be fighting for are dying, this city is burning and worst of all I’ve been trapped in this unbearably static form!”

The old man laughed bitterly, coughing up blood. “It doesn’t matter. You’re done for. Even if I die now, I know you, I know the bizarre laws and pacts you have to follow. The Wiggins boy and his friends foiled you, time and again, and you’ll not be able to stop trying to get your revenge. You’ve lost so much power, they’ll destroy you. And here, in this place, it will be irrevocable. I can die at peace now, knowing that my friends and family will be avenged.”

The naked man stood up straight and smirked. He ran a hand through his feathery hair.

“Die? No… you are not going to die Jasper Cromwell. I may be weakened by my powers are still formidable and I still have allies.” He nodded and a tall well dressed thing appeared behind the old hunter. It was shaped as a man, but had no face. Multiple inky tentacles waved from it’s back. It grabbed Cromwell from behind, pulling a large burlap sack over him.

The Lord of Leaves turned to look down on the city of Seatle, panic stricken and imperiled.

“Take him away, give him to one of those like me, one of the Gentry in Arcadia. I have vengeance to plan.”

Sarah's Journal

I have deemed it necessary to create a journal of my adventures, father was quite correct that the myths of the world hold a greater truth than others would wish to believe. After the incident on the island with the Storm Goddess named Himiko and Last Night I believe that this needs to be put to paper for future persons to see and read and to know the truth. We Are Not Alone, and we are being used as prey and as labor for creatures once thought to belong to myth. One such being it’s name recently revealed to me are Leviathans, It would seem that i have downed not one but two of theses creatures. The storm goddess was one such creature this person after The Eye of Dagon was another. It was me and my compatriot Captain Plutonium who came up agianst this creature in a sea cavern and after a great fight we downed the creature. My host here in the states showed up with police shortly after the fight and took The Eye of Dagon a powerful Relic it’s capabilities are not known to me other than they can cause Leviathans to grow in power greatly. I’m curious as to where Mr Wiggins spirited this Relic away to. Also I do hope to see the Captain agian he was great fun, if not a little insane but in a world rife with monsters and magik I believe in sanity is no longer a necessity.

Till The Next Entry this is Intrepid Explorer Sarah Harrington

Odd Endings

“You can’t do this!” The well dressed gentleman snapped. He watched as the older man, in his battered clothing began dumping antiques and knickknacks into packing crates.

“Watch me,” Jasper Cromwell replied, putting the wooden lid onto one of the crates and preparing to hammer it shut.

“Look, it’s not your fault. The girl was talented and she insisted on going through the initiation. You did what you could to prepare her and it was just a tragic accident. You ARE the Aegis Ko Doru in this area. What are you going to do?”

Jasper didn’t look up, but continued to hammer nails into the crate.

“Too many children have died. You know I’ve never cared much for some of the Aegis’s practices. Now I’m going to go to the Other Seattle and do everything I can to kill that bastard. If I can;t do that, I’ll find a way to prevent him from ever crossing over or sending agents this way.”

The man talking with Jasper, turned and nodded and a group of burly movers picked up the latest crate and carried it out into one of the three moving trucks parked outside.

“What about her friends? Are you going to tell them?”

Cromwell took an axe from the wall, dark and rough, it looked to be hammered out of iron.

“No it’s better they don’t know. If Wiggins finds out too much he’ll try to follow, and I don’t relish the idea of having a confrontation with the Scoleri boy. No, When you’re through hauling off the Aegis’s trinkets, I’ll head to the other Seattle and that’ll be the last anyone will hear of it.”

The gentleman of the Aegis shrugged and stepped outside. Operatives had fallen before and they’d have someone waiting to ensure that Jasper Cromwell didn’t return from the “Other Seattle”. And that would be the end of it.

is it out there
is it out there

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