Sarah Harrington

The broken survior.




An innocent young girl whom had always dreamed of joining her family on their many archeological pursuits they finally caved and agreed. ‘Why not’ they had thought this was a simple island expedition nothing dangerous uncover the ancient tomb of some Japanese Warlord have their daughter there to watch the accomplishment and the press would eat up the young child helping her parents. However, things went wrong, the ship never made it to made it to the island but only after a freak storm had cut her to ribbons on the reefs and sent her listing to another island nearby. Missing for 3 months, the Japanese Navy got finally found her on a previously uncharted island. Covered in broken bones and scars her clothing coated in things other than mud and leaves they brought her home. The story she told was dismissed as the rantings of a person suffering from isolation. She had survived what she had determined was her worst nightmare. Her families only trustee was a very close friend living in the states. She was packed up from her home in England and sent to live in Washington state. Hell, she thought, at least the climates similar.

Sarah Harrington

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