Machine and Mirror

Sarah's Journal

I have deemed it necessary to create a journal of my adventures, father was quite correct that the myths of the world hold a greater truth than others would wish to believe. After the incident on the island with the Storm Goddess named Himiko and Last Night I believe that this needs to be put to paper for future persons to see and read and to know the truth. We Are Not Alone, and we are being used as prey and as labor for creatures once thought to belong to myth. One such being it’s name recently revealed to me are Leviathans, It would seem that i have downed not one but two of theses creatures. The storm goddess was one such creature this person after The Eye of Dagon was another. It was me and my compatriot Captain Plutonium who came up agianst this creature in a sea cavern and after a great fight we downed the creature. My host here in the states showed up with police shortly after the fight and took The Eye of Dagon a powerful Relic it’s capabilities are not known to me other than they can cause Leviathans to grow in power greatly. I’m curious as to where Mr Wiggins spirited this Relic away to. Also I do hope to see the Captain agian he was great fun, if not a little insane but in a world rife with monsters and magik I believe in sanity is no longer a necessity.

Till The Next Entry this is Intrepid Explorer Sarah Harrington



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