Machine and Mirror

Odd Endings

“You can’t do this!” The well dressed gentleman snapped. He watched as the older man, in his battered clothing began dumping antiques and knickknacks into packing crates.

“Watch me,” Jasper Cromwell replied, putting the wooden lid onto one of the crates and preparing to hammer it shut.

“Look, it’s not your fault. The girl was talented and she insisted on going through the initiation. You did what you could to prepare her and it was just a tragic accident. You ARE the Aegis Ko Doru in this area. What are you going to do?”

Jasper didn’t look up, but continued to hammer nails into the crate.

“Too many children have died. You know I’ve never cared much for some of the Aegis’s practices. Now I’m going to go to the Other Seattle and do everything I can to kill that bastard. If I can;t do that, I’ll find a way to prevent him from ever crossing over or sending agents this way.”

The man talking with Jasper, turned and nodded and a group of burly movers picked up the latest crate and carried it out into one of the three moving trucks parked outside.

“What about her friends? Are you going to tell them?”

Cromwell took an axe from the wall, dark and rough, it looked to be hammered out of iron.

“No it’s better they don’t know. If Wiggins finds out too much he’ll try to follow, and I don’t relish the idea of having a confrontation with the Scoleri boy. No, When you’re through hauling off the Aegis’s trinkets, I’ll head to the other Seattle and that’ll be the last anyone will hear of it.”

The gentleman of the Aegis shrugged and stepped outside. Operatives had fallen before and they’d have someone waiting to ensure that Jasper Cromwell didn’t return from the “Other Seattle”. And that would be the end of it.



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