Machine and Mirror

Lets update this bastard

Sarah's Journal

Okay, it’s been a while I’ve been kind of busy to update this, and now I’ve been trying to sort out the memories that have reawakened in my head. I can rest easier now that i know it was not by my own hands my family perished. The hybrids on the island where responsible. The killing of the Leviathan that was taking people and using them was accidental for the most part it seems, however it was still by my hands that the explosives where detonated so that still puts 3 total leviathan kills to me. Well 2 to me and 1 to me and my friends but lets not say that to often they may think they are my equals in all of this. Sure they are potent allies in their own right but i don’t think they understand what is at stake with the leviathan threat. I’m hoping i can get Harrington Industries off the ground. With Jeb’s help maybe we can make some viable tech, either for civilian or military use. I could really hope for some sort of military contract. This would help with certain activities. Once i get a contract I’ll have to buy an actual factory and outfit it for assembling the devices, weapons and things we come up with. Jeb’s smarter than he acts and he could really pull some tech out of his ass if he tries and I’m hoping he does, he will profit from this as well as me. Either way, we cleared the Docks issue and now we have to deal with a cabal of witches I’ll help the others as long as they continue to help me with the leviathan threats. I wonder if multiple leviathan’s in one area within a short span of time is unusual…. i must ask Markus this question.

Till The Next Entry this is Intrepid Explorer Sarah Harrington



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