Machine and Mirror


The Lord of Leaves was destroyed. Undone due to the effects of the God Machine on Andrew Wiggins. In the conflict of October 31, 1999, most of the major players in the supernatural landscape of Shorepoint were killed. The Circle of Six, a Cabal of Mages with an unknown agenda was dissolved when 5 of their member were killed by the Liberating Hand and their Chantry was taken by Myron Vance.

Andrew Wiggins was approached by the Cheiron Group with a proposition. They were grooming him to become a sort of processor they could use to take control of the God-Machine. He could work with them, or their would be severe consequences for his friends and family. Wiggins assented and was whisked away, his current whereabouts are unknown.

With the help of her allies, Carolina Caraballo banished her demonic sire, El Santo de los Demonicos back to hell. With the Hispanic population of Shorepoint saved and the major supernatural threats to the city nullified, she finished high school and sought to follow her dream of becoming a news reporter.

Sarrah Harrington hung around Shorepoint for a time. She had recovered her fortune and could make actual strides in the development of Harrington Industries. The Leviathan threat in Shorepoint had dried up however and she eventually drifted off in search of Captain Plutonium, Adventure, and more Leviathans to battle.

With the inheritance of his father’s assets and the majority of supernatural rivals negated, Myron Vance began to build his empire. With funding and clandestine guidance he was able to control the occasional supernatural group, organizing the cities disparate unnatural beings and bringing a sense of order to the dangerous underbelly of Shorepoint.

Jebediah Scoleri and Brittany Snow were hit hardest by Andre Wiggins’ disappearance. Keeping the Liberating Hand name, the two packed up their resources and left Shorepoint, aiming to further investigate the Cheiron Group and eventually recover their friend.

The Order of the Solar Eye survived the ordeals in Shorepoint and the Amenti, Marahotep continued to slumber until his cult or the Judges had need of him.



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